Exploitability Analysis

Determine the Real-life Risk of a Vulnerability

Automatic Exploit

Myrror takes an active approach to exploitation analysis and continuously monitors multiple sources to ensure the most complete view of the existing exploits for a specific vulnerability.

After finding an exploit, Myrror will attach a label to each vulnerability – alerting you to its immediate threat level and the urgency of implementing a fix to protect your systems.

Factor in Exploitability

Myrror considers the exploitability of each vulnerability when prioritizing, filling in a crucial missing piece in the threat analysis process.


Myrror’s algorithm emphasizes practical threat implications, enhancing the process of vulnerability management and tying it to the reality of the threat landscape – and not just the existence of a risk.

Plan for Remediation

When considering how to remediate a risk, exploitability plays a crucial step in deciding when to tackle each vulnerability.


Myrror takes exploitability into account when creating remediation plans – both for existing vulnerabilities and ones introduced during the remediation process.

How it Works

Step 1

Myrror automates the search for available exploits for your vulnerabilities using a diverse set of public and private sources.

Step 2

The platform then incorporates the presence of an exploit into its prioritization algorithm.

Step 3

Finally, Myrror develops a detailed remediation plan that considers the reachability, exploitability, and business impact of your vulnerabilities, including any that are newly introduced during the remediation process.