Beyond Software Composition Analysis

Traditional SCA solutions look only at package versions. This approach overlooks the context in which these packages are used and, more importantly, misses out on many modern and more sophisticated supply chain attack vectors.

Go Beyond Vulnerabilities

Take your tools to the next level of security and ensure that your software supply chain is protected.

Better Prioritization

Understand if the finding is relevant in YOUR context using our reachability, exploitability, and environment analysis.

Best-In-Class Protection

Defend Against the new generation of open source and supply chain attacks. Myrror protects you from typosquatting, dependency confusion, CI/CD attacks, and more.

Tailored Remediation

Myrror generates an actionable and concise remediation plan based on our prioritization engine, calculated to fix as much as possible with less work.

Myrror Engines

Myrror's engine system helps you detect vulnerabilities and supply chain attacks, prioritize them, and remediate effectively.

Reachability Engine

Exploitability Engine

Software Integrity AI Engine

Remediation Plan Generator

Software Composition Analysis

How it Works?

Connect to your SCM in 5 minutes



Vulnerabilities Detection Engine

Myrror performs vulnerability detection as a part of the extensive ongoing software supply chain security process. Our Detection Engine delivers accurate results across the entire set of your open-source dependencies, ensuring that the software you rely on to build your business – doesn’t end up destroying it.

Software Integrity AI Engine

Find any mismatch between the source code and its corresponding binary artifact, and detect code attacks statically – before they ever make it into production.



Reachability Engine

Prioritize your vulnerabilities with proprietary static reachability analysis. Focus only on functions that might actually get executed in practice.

Exploitability Engine

Understand the context your vulnerabilities live in, and only deal with the ones that matter. Combine our Reachability Engine to create highly-granular vulnerability scores.



Remediation Plan Generator

Tackle actual – and not imaginary – risks with ease, by applying our flexible remediation engine that ensures your plan is on point.


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