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Your escape vehicle from the next Software Development Lifecycle breach.

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When you’ve been in the eye of the storm of an industry-shaking cyber attack, and your company already had a top-tier security testing suite – you’re left wondering… how was this even possible? That’s one of our Founder’s personal story, and he couldn’t just wave hands and let it go.

So we took our DevOps, CyberSecurity, and RND expertise and we dug into the origins of the software supply chain attacks that hit the hardest where no one was ever expecting… which made us zoom in, see the repeatable root cause, and figure out a solution, a crazy one, but our background allows no brick walls – so we took the challenge and conquered it.

And so, Myrror Security was born. 

We’re a pioneering DevSecOps company with an unwavering focus on the needs and interests of security professionals. We position ourselves as your lifeline, your safety net in a world where development breaches are not just probable but inevitable.

At our core, we are a Team-First, Customer-First company. We firmly believe that when our team shares the same mission and enjoys the best career experience, this translates into a superior product that our customers can rely on. This is our guiding principle, our cornerstone — the heart and soul of Myrror.

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