Securing your Software Supply Chain

Myrror reflects a true image of your delivered code, finds code attacks and malicious code injections, and empowers your teams to prioritize and remediate the most critical risks with ease to ensure that your supply chain is truly secure.

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False Positives Put Your Organization at Risk

Lack of exploitation and code context creates false positives, which translates to wasting time fixing the wrong things, missing potential attacks, and slowing the business down.

Malicious Code Blindness

Existing scanners scan vulnerabilities only, missing malicious packages and malware.

Alert Fatigue

Irrelevant and non-actionable alerts your SCA generates lack context and proof of usage in your application.

Remediation Guesswork

Remediation that lacks prioritization and context wastes security and engineering time.

You Need a Software Supply Chain Solution that Gets Your Code

Myrror helps you detect a variety of supply chain attacks, prioritize the risk, and act decisively with proprietary, multi-dimensional SCA engines

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Myrror in a Nutshell

Analyze Every Asset

Gain ongoing visibility into your development repositories, open-source packages and CI/CD tools.

Triage Vulnerabilities Effectively

Reduce alert overload with reachability and exploitability analysis that indicates the most urgent vulnerabilities to address.

Detect SSC Attacks

Dive deep into your unknown risk surface with the only software supply chain security solution based on patent-pending Binary-to-Source technology that exposes malicious code attacks, trojans, and supply chain risks in both your open-source and your own builds. In real-time and before they hit production.

Remediate with Ease

Reduce MTTR using an actionable mitigation plan that accounts for both existing and newly-introduced vulnerabilities, and suggests the optimal path out of every scenario.

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