Automatic SBOM Generation

Take a Comprehensive Inventory of Your Applications

Myrror takes the pain out of generating standard-compliant SBOMs, allowing you to create exhaustive reports of all your repositories or to pick and choose which projects to generate an SBOM for.

CycloneDX SBOM Generation

Myrror’s SBOM generation tool enables your team to continuously take inventory of the software across all your codebases and facilitates the easy export of reports in the widely recognized SBOM standard, CycloneDX.

Application-based SBOM

After integrating your source code repositories with Myrror, you can choose specific ones or combine multiple to generate an SBOM tailored to your application.

Given that applications often contain code from several repositories, this approach enables you to export CycloneDX reports for applications, not onlt repositories – making sure the SBOM reflects the contents of the correct unit in the topology.

Comply With Executive Order 14028

Myrror’s detailed, automated SBOMs contain component data and handling guidelines, ensuring compliance with the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, also known as Executive Order 14028.

How It Works

Step 1

Connect your source code repositories to Myrror to allow it to begin scanning your codebase. Select the repositories you wish to monitor and ignore any that are unused or irrelevant.

Step 2

Choose one or more repositories to generate an SBOM for, ensuring your entire application’s source code is analyzed—even if it is spread across multiple repos.

Step 3

Myrror will quickly generate an exportable, Executive Order 14028-compliant CycloneDX SBOM for your application.

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