Traditional SCA (Software Composition Analysis) detects vulnerabilities based on a package version only.
This results in a large amount of noise and false positive alerts, including packages not even in use.

This is why you need a SCA solution that is code-aware.

The problem

A dependency is vulnerable with a critical score. But in fact, the vulnerable function is never used in your code. Traditional SCA will flag it as vulnerable and will require a fix.

The solution

Myrror’s Code-Aware SCA uses sophisticated flow graphs to determine if the vulnerable function is actually used, cutting down 80% of the false positives.

Cut dev<>sec Overhead, Reduce MTTR

Now, you can do both: detect more vulnerabilities and reduce the time to remediate.

Fix only what matters

Most of the vulnerabilities you detect today are not reachable, nor exploitable by your application. Address the ones that are.

Discover more dependencies

Improve vulnerability detection by better analyzing the source code.

Remediate with ease

Reduce MTTR and bridge the security<>development gap by using our concise and actionable remediation plan.


Vulnerability Prioritization

Prioritize vulnerability fixes based on static code-level reachability and exploitability.


Select the optimal package version based on the context of your code and Myrror’s proprietary research methodology.


Verify each material change before it gets to production.

Easy development integration

Integrate Myrror with your SCM in a few clicks, and in just 5 minutes.