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Supply Chain Attack Detection

Vulnerabilities VS. Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks are an entirely different beast compared to traditional vulnerabilities, with characteristics that make them harder to defend against.

A supply chain attack:

Software Integrity AI Engine

Myrror’s Software Integrity AI Engine detects mismatches between the source code and its corresponding binary artifacts. Utilizing Binary-To-Source Static Analysis and AI validation, it ensures all discrepancies are accounted for.

This empowers AppSec personnel and developers to identify supply chain attacks hidden in plain sight—before reaching production.

Protect Your Build Process

Myrror can detect supply chain attacks before they affect all of the environments in which your code is being ran, including Dev, QA and Staging.


Additionally, it ensures no vulnerable dependencies are used in the CI/CD pipeline, containing potential damage and catching the threat earlier in the process.


How it Works

Step 1

Myrror’s technology decompiles your binaries back into the source code, including all the direct and transitive dependencies within the applications.


Step 2

Our machine learning models compare the source code you wrote to the version generated from your binaries, looking for unexpected strings in the compiled version.

Step 3

You will receive a notification in real-time when a discrepancy is found, so you can stop the compromised package from reaching production and your customers.