Vulnerability Detection

Thorough, Continuous Threat Discovery

Best-in-Class Prioritization

Myrror is, first and foremost, a new kind of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platform.

We start by doing what SCAs have been doing for a long time: finding & prioritizing vulnerabilities. We then take this process and enrich it with our proprietary analysis capabilities:

Comprehensive Coverage

The modern supply chain landscape is comprised of numerous attack surfaces and an infinite number of potential attack vectors. 

Myrror covers multiple chains in the link – detecting vulnerabilities, automating prioritization, detecting upstream supply chain attacks, and aiding the remediation process.

Deep Integrations

Myrror was built to be a team player – we work within most major CI/CD platforms, including GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and more.


Regardless of where your dependencies come from – or where they’re going – we’ll be there.


How it Works

Step 1

Myrror connects to your source code management system and scans all of your dependencies for vulnerabilities and supply chain attacks.

Step 2

Myrror prioritizes all of the vulnerabilities and attacks according to reachability, exploitability, and business impact.

Step 3

Myrror automatically generates a remediation plan that takes into consideration all newly introduced vulnerabilities and calculates the optimal path for fixing as many of them as possible.